You purchased ten shares of Dole, Inc. common stock for $80 per share. The stock pays no dividend. You plan to sell the shares in one year.

Interest of notes is 6%, bonds payable 4%, preferred stock dividends are 5% and the common shareholders opportunity cost is 10%. The tax rate is 25%.

Compute the average weighted cost of capital. You may want to calculate your answer using Excel, and paste the solution into the solution window.

12. Cost of goods sold is $2,500,000 and inventory is $600,000. Calculate the days on-hand.

Sales on account are $6,000,000, and accounts receivable are $2,000,000. Calculate the days outstanding.

13. Cost of goods sold is $2,500,000, and accounts payable are $450,000. Compute the days in accounts payable.

14. Using the information from the previous two questions, compute the cash conversion cycle

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