WWI : Analysis Paper : Conditions of ww1

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Analysis Paper: Your analysis paper will address the conditions of World War I. The conditions of World War I are often described as “inhumane.” How did national/ethnic identities and animosities (as evidenced in propaganda campaigns) combine with technological development in the early stages of the war to create such a bitter, inhumane experience? Conduct research and select at least one primary source that either supports or refutes the topic. Remember, you should be using at least two other resources (primary or secondary) to support your analysis. This means your completed paper will have a total of three resources, at least one of them a primary resource.

“choose a primary source to analyze that connected to the paper topic of how national sentiment and new technology created an inhumane war. You are to use secondary sources to provide the historical context needed to analyze the primary source to demonstrate how it depicted actual events, if this depiction was accurate, and how it might have reflected the view of the author.

2-3 pages, double spaced, times new roman size 12

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