writing about southeast asia indonesia art

After you have analyzed an artwork from the museum, you will research more about it. We will have one class research day to get started. Your paper should address three areas. These can be discussed in any order. 1. Historical Context: How does the artwork fit into history? a. What culture does it come from? What year or era? b. What movement(s), religion(s), political cause(s) or other ideas does it relate to? c. How does it reflect the values, events, and technologies of its time? 2. Theme: What does the artwork mean? a. Do we have any information from the artist or culture that explains it? b. How does it represent the interests or beliefs of its culture? 3. Form: What is the object made of? What do we know about the processes, techniques, or materials used? *NOTE: It is likely that you will not find any resources specifically about your artwork. That is normal! Look for sources that discuss the culture, era, period, region, religion, etc. that the work is from. Use that information to help you write about your work. Follow all MLA guidelines for format and citation. This paper should be approximately 3-4 pages long, using MLA format for style, layout, and citations. This includes 12-point standard font, double spacing, 1” margins, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page. All outside information from any source (books, museum, videos, websites) must be cited This paper should be uploaded in eCampus by 11:59pm on the due date. See the rubric in eCampus for details on how credit is earned.

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