write an essay APA Style (Walmart)

write an essay APA Style ( Walmart) 

Consider both Wal-Mart (www.walmart.com) and Amazon (www.amazon.com). In what ways do these two companies compete? Compare them using the variables of the marketing mix. Which do you believe has the upper hand? Why?

FNU Database link.

Hello, everyoneThis is the FNU Database link to properly access and submit your three (3) professional journals which is a requirement for the Research paper on your Reference page.Please, go to the link above to access the direct link!

Go to the link above to go to the FNU database link. (https://proxy.lirn.net/)

Add the school name: Florida National University, then click on the LIRN portal below.

Next, enter the school user name: 24439

and the school password: smartlearn39

Then scroll down and search for the Psychology group/category.

Next, go to ProQuest Central or Psychology Database to search for you topic on the search bar and then click on full text to get the full information pages.

Finally, you will be able to choose 3 journals of the all the available articles to provide your 3 journals for the paper.

Go to “Cite” to find the reference information for the article you are reviewing. This article reference info can be copied and pasted on the Reference page for your paper.


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