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Okay, this is the first response post for We Are Okay. Can include anything up to, but not beyond, p. 149. Rules:

  • Include at least 2 quotes you found interesting and elaborate. Include page and chapter numbers (for people reading .pdf)
  • Ask questions. For instance, “What is Turn of the Screw?” “Why does she keep referring to redwood trees?” “Is it plausible that the college would let an 18-yr old girl stay all alone on campus during winter break with nobody but a (male) custodian?”
  • Thoughts for an essay about the book. Anything here. Don’t overthink it, you don’t actually have to write the essay. For instance, I’m thinking it would be cool to write about the difference if there is one between grief and mental illness. This is a subject psychiatrists have argued about for decades or centuries. For now they arbitrarily assume that 4 weeks is normal grief-beyond this is a psychopathology. Obviously the grandfather character has been grieving for 15 years. Is this Alzheimer’s, grief, depression, alcoholism?
  • When you respond to people’s responses, talk about their thesis ideas.

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