Write a research paper on pediatrics specifically the “South bay family health care

1) introduction
A) feelings of why you chose your subject
B) your assumptions
C) research questions
2) background “facts” on general topic and particular site (outside research)
3) describe your location(s)
4) reading and writing level at your location
A) your unbiased (ethical) research guidelines
B) your method of observation/interview
5) conclusion
A) what surprised intrigued, disturbed you
B) what you learned overall
C) what you might pursue in the future
* support your clearly stated thesis with relevant, ample evidence and analyzed

* use at least 4 documented library scholarly sources… Scholarly sources (book, encyclopedia are more credible nomore than one can be Internet source

* the 6 page will be the cited page

This may be a bit hard to work due to observations, interview questions.. It can be made up in a believe able way.

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