Write a paper in APA format aIDressingclassification, assessment, and treatment of the disorder

  • The paper should aIDress classification, assessment, and treatment of the disorder.

Papers should be written in APA format and the title/reference pages should not be included in

the three to five page limit.

A list of the disorders:

1.Mental Retardation

2. Communication Disorders

3. Pica

4. Rumination Disorders

5. Tics Disorder

6. Tourette’s Disorder

7. Elimination Disorders

8. Selective Mutism

9. Stereotyped Movement Disorder

10.Rett’s Disorder

11. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

  • •Some of these disorders are further broken down (i.e., Communication Disorders are broken down

into Expressive Language Disorder, Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder…).  Chose only

  • one of the disorders that fall into that category of disorders (i.e. Expressive Language Disorder)

and write about that.

  • This essay is to be written about literature of “A Dream within a dream” by Edgar Allan Poe. The topic must be literature.You must also provide in text citation of every quote in the essay.
  • The difference between sex and gender? 1. Answer the following questions before you write, as a basis for your essay:
    o What had you assumed about your topic before (if anything)?
    o Why do you think you did not know this information/perspective before? Is this connected to your “social location i.e. your gender, race, class, culture, age, dis/ability, or other factors?
    o Identify the readings, films, presentations, and points made in class discussions that helped you learn this new information or perspective. Use at least 4 examples from class materials that relate to your topicat least 2 examples should be readings.
    o Using both micro levels of analysis (people)s individual experience) and macro levels of analysis (systems of inequality such as patriarchy or racism), how do you think about this issue now?
    o How will you use this new knowledge?
    o What else do you want to know about this issue? Give 2 aIDitional questions you want to explore.

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