Write a hypothetical interview

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Prepare to conduct an interview with the person and subject of your choice. It can be a political leader or anyone important or influential.

  1. Where would you look for background information in preparation for your interview?
  2. What types of information would you look for in doing background research for your interview? (You will need background on both the issue and the person. For example, each Congressional member has his/her own Web page, which you can find; but you will also need information from his/her critics and from impartial sources.)
  3. Do enough research to write the first three serious questions you would plan to use in the interview, and list those questions. These questions should be specific enough to elicit newsworthy information, and they should mention some facts that you have learned in your research.

The answers should be in a numbered list. Spell correctly, and use correct grammar. Edit your work carefully.

Note that this is a hypothetical interview. You won’t actually be required to talk to your subject for this assignment. Watch out for your own bias. Do not couch the questions in such a way that we can where your political sympathies lie.

Criteria for grading will include the completeness of your background research, the quality of your three questions, and how well you follow directions.

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