write a 5 8 page rhetorical analysis of jane tompkins quot indians textualism morality and the problem of history quot

  • write an introduction that engages your reader on the subject of your paper: rhetoric.
  • fully introduce and articulate Tompkins’ major claim (use the Academic Meaty Sentence to make sure your introduction to her is complete) and summarize her argument, including how she establishes kairos and exigence and makeyour major claim with regards to how persuasive her argument is for her intended audience;
  • describe and explain Tompkins’ use of inductive reasoning and how it affects her argument as a whole;
  • identify, analyze, and evaluate her appeals to reasoning (logos), credibility (ethos), and emotions (pathos) and the strategies she uses to make them. Discuss all three appeals and at least two strategies per appeal–it is expected that you quote directly from the text to support your analysis, using correct MLA in-text citation.
  • evaluate how persuasive Tompkins’ argument is as a whole for her intended audience, academic peers who read Critical Inquiry.
  • Be sure to demonstrate mastery of MLA Format and Style, including the Works Cited page.
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