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I need an explanation for this Website Design question to help me study.

Q1. Create a blog about a business issue or topic that interests you and that provides content that is valuable to others. You should develop the blog with a specific audience in mind (your classmates), and provide original, insightful entries. You will write five entries on your blog that meet the needs of your target audience. You should also think about developing your own personal brand – how you want to present yourself through the blog (your personality should come out through your blog but remember to be professional). For each blog post, consider applying the following formula:

  • One or two takeaway messages
  • A catchy title & opening
  • A winning tone for the blogs – helpful, personalized, positive, informative, fun & interesting
  • Hyperlinks to interesting articles, videos, etc.
  • Use images if you like
  • Use concise writing with short paragraphs

You don’t have to describe a lot. just a small paragraph of each bullet point.

Here are some free blog platforms you can select from to create your blog:

I have already created the blog. all you need to create website with wix. Please be creative.

i will provide access.

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