Winter Camping in Kuwait

“Winter Camping” in Kuwait

Research Questions: How did the camping affect the pollution in Kuwait during the past few years? What is the level of pollution in the different

areas in Kuwait? How is the lack of organization in the camping season affect the country?
I. Introduction
II. Pollution
A. Pollution aspects
1. littering
2. carbon dioxide from cars and motor cycles
3. barbecue
4. generators
B. Effect on the environment
1.increase in global warming 2.polluting the desert life noise and 3.eye pollution
C. Precautionary action
1. reducing of pollutants
2. setting up a company that is responsible
a) setting up camps
b) ensuring camping policies and procedures
III. Organization
A. The lack of organization
1. Problems caused
2. Camp license and permit
3. created health and safety problems
4. Unorganized roads and path
IV. Compliance
A. comply to the law
1. underage driving cars and other
2. motor sports.
B. lack of compliance
1. cause many problems within the campers.
C. The ability to comply to rules a
1. helps individuals enjoy their camping without any risk of facing any problems
V. Conclusion

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