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WileyPLUS+https://edugen.wileyplus.com/edugen/Iti/main.uniX P Q Z Q 3 5WileyPLUSWeygandt, Accounting Principles, 13eHelp | System AnnouncementsCALCULATORPRINTER VERSION1 BACKNEXTASSIGNMENT RESOURCESUnit 1t 10 Lab LearningExercise 6-19 a-b (Part Level Submission)Activities 114Wildhorse Company reported the following information for November and December 2020.x] Exercise 6-15 al,a2, bPart Level Submission)NovemberDecemberxercise 6-19 a-b (Partevel Submission)Cost of goods purchased$538,000$ 603,000Inventory, beginning-of-month126,000171,000Review ScoreInventory, end-of-month????Review Results by Study171,000Objective850,0001,000,000Wildhorse’s ending inventory at December 31 was destroyed in a fire.Compute the gross profit rate for November. ( Round answer to 0 decimal places, e.g. 15%.)Gross profit rateClick if you would like to Show Work for this question:Open Show WorkLINK TO TEXT LINK TO TEXTAttempts: 0 of 5 usedSAVE FOR LATERSUBMIT ANSWER(b)The parts of this question must be completed in order. This part will be available when you complete the part above.Activate WindowsGo to Settings to activate Windows!

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