why some people are immune to hiv

  1. Minimum four full pages in length, not including the abstract, title page, and works cited pages.
  2. Presentation of an argumentative, not informative, essay.
  3. Incorporation of a minimum of four scholarly articles from the online databases and an optional one good online source. Not “any” online source, but “good” online source
  4. Avoidance of using direct quotes or mentioning any author or article names in the paper. Source information should be all in your own words and cited.
  5. APA formatting and layout along with correct citation of all source information in the text of the paper and on a References page using correct APA Format.
  6. Evidence of careful and thorough editing for clear writing style, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  1. A correctly formatted APA title page.
  2. A correctly formatted abstract.
  3. An introduction paragraph absolutely no longer than half a page with an argumentative thesis statement at the end.
  4. One to two paragraphs (not one to two pages) of background information.
  5. One paragraph addressing the opposition what the main viewpoint against your thesis is, and why it’s wrong.
  6. The next part should make up the majority of the paper the argument. Many paragraphs supporting your thesis each reason for the thesis discussed one at a time, and provided with evidence to back it up. Bottom line what do you have to say to prove your thesis is true?
  7. Correct APA in-text citations throughout for all source information used.
  8. A conclusion paragraph. This should take up no more than half a page.
  9. A correctly formatted APA reference page with all sources used listed on it.

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