The main reasons as to why the health care costs are ever so high in America can be, summed up within three main reasons. First is due to the astronomical costs incurred by the administration for running the countries health care system. Of all the health care cost an approximate quarter of it is associated with administration, which is higher than in any other country.

The underlying driver within the US health care system is the technology, and there will always be some of that, which is why the countries health care, unlike other industries, will not be going down in costs.In aIDition, within the system there is still much waste and the best guess is that an approximate third of the medical spending is not related with improved outcomes. People believe that

As for the notion of supporting Universal Health care within the US, it can be argued that the basic civil and human rights of the uninsured against the property rights of those not paying taxes so as to create social structures, that benefit their neighbor’s, such as a federal insurance.

As a policy that is against the universal health care implementation on the basis of the freedom to refuse to give aid, when that help is readily available and would otherwise improve the lives of the health of those who are in need, is in the final research a human rights denial.

With this overview the idea of universal health insurance argument both removes from charity and is coercive when directly approached from a moral stand.

The debate within the dimensions of civil and human rights needs to be waged and structured other augmentation lines are either rooted in presumptions or red herrings that deny the basic rights existence. Rights, not beyond the constitutions purview, within the Independence Declaration are nearly explicit and evidently spelled out within the Universal Declaration Human Rights that the 1948 United Nations adopted under the American prominent influence.

Each person’s social duties limit the elementary health care responsibilities and duties of the countries health care system.

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