Why do EF student care of having cigarette more than their health?

Paper instructions:
What I’m doing is quantitative and qualitative research, I have chosen my topic already, but I have to ask the participants in my school EF school , I need around 10 to 13 questions which related to the topic of my reaserch to ask participants in my school tomorrow and give the answers back to the writer who is going to do my reaserch.
the research words account 1500 words
Introduction 150 words
Literature review 350 words
Research design 300 words
Conduct of reaserch 100 words
Results and data analysis 450 words
Conclusion 150 words
Also I need at least 3 sources from website only with references
Notic that my level of English Is upper intermediate, so I don’t want using strong academic vocabularies.

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