why are young adults with cancer the most underserved patient population

I am not very good with writing and putting my research & thoughts together is a cohesive manner- need help with this research question.

My research topic is patient advocacy and counseling for adolescents & young adults with cancer. The research question I propose is why are young adults with cancer the most underserved patient population?

ASSIGNMENT: You have been contacted by the National Organization of Human Services to develop a research proposal for their 2019 conference. They are asking you to submit the following to them:

  1. Area of research interest—write a paragraph describing your research interest(s) as a human service provider. Think ahead to the population that you are interested in working with. Let this be the focus of your research interest.
  2. The research question(s) that you have developed to learn more about how to work with your population of interest.
  3. 2-3 paragraphs outlining the importance of answering these questions for other human service providers.
  4. Who would benefit from attending your conference session?
  5. Writing should adhere to APA requirements when including source citations and references.

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