whole person health literature review

The final assignment will be a three – four page double-spaced written paper on a topic of your choice related to the chapters in Whole Person Health: Mindfulness Across the Lifespan.

  1. Choose a topic you want to learn more about.
  2. Review the literature as you research 6 peer reviewed articles/academic texts (You may not use your course book – this is meant to be a research assignment) that discuss the topic you have chosen…..please ensure you properly cite your sources
  3. Reflect upon how this information may impact you.
  4. What have you learned as a result of your findings?

Any general topic in this domain,

The book chapters topics are:

1- Mindfulness across the lifespan

2- Developing a Mindful Ego: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

3- Physical Exercises

4- The Healing Power of Play, Laughter, and Humor

5- Healthy Relationships Across the Lifespan

6- The Benefits of Connecting with Nature

7- The Benefits of the Human-Animal Relationship

8- Harmony Across the Lifespan: The Benefits of Music Throughout Our Lives

9- The Artist Within Across the Lifespan

10- Happiness: Journey and Destination

You can choose the topic you like. Please basic writing as I am an international student.

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