Which of the following best describes a best efforts underwriting commitment?

Hi, I need help, every time I try to do the quiz I get 65 to 73 point. Requrement to pass 80%. I do not want is wrong.


Which of the following best describes a best efforts underwriting commitment?Review LaterThe underwriter agrees to buy the entire Issue and assume full financial responsibility for any unsold shares.Underwriter Is only responsible for half (50%) of the Issue.If the entire Issue cannot be sold at the offering price, the deal is called off and the Issuing company receives nothing.Underwriter commits to selling as much of the issue as possible at the agreed-on offering price but can return any unsold sharesto the issuer without financial responsibility.340 04Cost of EquityAfter-tax cost of debtDebt-to-equity ratio54Given the data in the above table, what is the cost of capital of this company?5.9%O6.2%4.0%5Suppose a company with a very high risk tolerance is debating over which capital structure tomplement. Which of the following, all else being equal, capital structure will lead to the highestreturn on equity?x Debt, 709% Equity20% Debt, 80% Equity90% Debt, 10% Equity6Which of the following statements is correct?Financial buyers are institutions that provide capital and are not operators.Strategic buyers are institutions that provide capital and are not operatorsFinancial buyers are operating partners that try to create synergies.OStrategic buyers are asset managers that are -trying te time the purchase of sale of a businessWhich of the following is the correct ordering of the capital stack (from most secure to least secure)?Equity -> Subordinated debt .> Senior debtSubordinated debt -> Senior debt -> EquityOSenior debt -> Subordinated debt-> EquitySenior debt -> Equity -> Subordinated debt8Which of the following debt repayment profiles involves a growing principal amount over time?EquityMezzanine financePay in kind debtSenior Debt9Which of the following would NOT be a sufficient cash flow measure to assess debt capacity?OxCash interest coverSenior Debt/EBITDAEV/EBITDATotal Debt/EBITDA10Which of the following is NOT a form of subordinated debt?Payment-In-Kind NotesHigh yield bondsOVendor NotesRevolver11Which of the following best describes a leveraged buyout fund’s acquisitions?Investing in mature businessesOInvesting in early stage businesseting in fInvesting in mid-sized businesses12Which of the following careers is NOT on the buy side?Private EquityCommercial BankingResearchPortfolio Management13Which of the following is not a function of public accounting firms?OFinancial Planning & AnalysisDue diligenceAuditTransaction Advisory

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