whats health and safety in hrm

Human Resource Management

Assignment type-Individual

Task :

Select a company from Oman (either from the Private/Public sector) and write a report on its occupational health and safety practices covering the following:

  1. A discussion on occupational health and safety and its importance in today’s context
  1. A critical discussion on the health and safety policies, procedures and its implication in business.
  1. Choosing a company (Oman Based) of your choice, critically evaluate the Health and safety practices of the firm. You may refer Omani Labour Law and International Labour Organization (ILO) standards to benchmark the practices. You may also provide examples to benchmarks and establish arguments in your discussion.

Notice, please write about the comany that i already chose and i attached documents and articles of its Health and Safety practices, put citations and references!!! the company name is (Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.) Shortcut (PDO).

Notice, i also attached a file where u can get info for the rules and regulations for Health and Safety of Oman, also for the International Labour Organisation.

Notice i also tagged some websites u can get the company info.

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