what principle is least related to promoting health and preventing certain disabilities in older adults?

38- which strategies of care would be least li Show more PLEASE ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS I REALLY NEED THEM. 38- which strategies of care would be least likely to enhance the physical function of older adult choose? Choose 2 answers A weight control B hearing and vision screening C smoking cessation D illness management E forcing them to attend all activities 39- what are common risk factors that contribute to functional decline in the older adult population? A physical inactivity B tobacco use C low sodium dietary intake D having small families 40- what principle is least related to promoting health and preventing certain disabilities in older adults? A continue activities of daily life (ADLs) B Maintain as active a lifestyle as possible and desired C Monitor illnesses through annual health screening ( AHS) D keep up on assistive and information technology and other tools 41- Which focusing on the psychosocial needs of older adults authorVirginia satir recommends that Healthcare providers get back to the basic communication. whatare the five basic principles satir describes? A invite B follow through C respect personal space D maximize understanding E Arrange environment F maximize attention levels G trust H maximize communication 42- how do electronic health records facilitate better care coordination? Choose 2 answers A saving time typing rather than writing B increasing the accuracy of diagnosis and health outcomes C preventing an increase in the number of medical errors D improving communication among health providers 43- Rick a 91 year old male hasa history of chronic otitis media and is experiencing mild hearing loss in hisright earwhat type of assistive technology would Rick use to improve communicative function? A icon communication board B behind the ear ( BTE) hearing aid C Augmentive and alternative communication ( AAC) D completely in the canal ( CIC) hearing aid 44- An elderly patient has suffered a stroke and is currently in the process of transitioning out of the hospital and into an assisted living facility. The patients primary diffulty after the stroke is dealing with dysarthria whichhas limited the patients ability to speak. whatcommunication technology would appropriately promote an optimal transition of care for the patient? A an over the ear (OTE) hearing aid B an augmentation and alternative communication ( AAC) device C an assistive listening device ( ALD) D an analog technology to amplify sound Show less

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