What notable differences did you experience when drawing your traveler’s heart and your Villager’s heart?

Travelers today are now accustomed to an increasingly personalized experience and no matter what the future of travel distribution looks like, we must make sure we keep the traveler at the center of the conversation.

At Amadeus, we see the future of travel distribution around the whole travel itinerary. While airlines are putting the passenger at the center of everything they do, hotels are doing the same, and so on for every component of the traveler’s journey. The key is to ensure travelers have a good experience throughout – right from the inspiration stage, through to the booking, airport and flight experience, and all the way through to the return home.

However, personalization must work wherever the individual is, so that they can research, book and make changes from any device they choose, anywhere, and at any time. Therefore, distribution must be omni-channel, enabling customers to search and book wherever is most convenient for them. This means they can move between interfaces, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop – whether that’s directly through the airline or through a travel agent.

At Amadeus, we see a future with more integrated travel itineraries which will truly accompany the traveler during every step of their journey. That requires developing both technology and distribution solutions. With close collaboration of all travel players in the industry, and the right technology, we will be able to create a better experience for travelers at every point of their trip.

It’s against this backdrop, we continue to evolve our Amadeus Travel Platform. This platform brings travel sellers unlimited possibilities with a world of content integrated from any source. It’s through this platform, travel sellers can offer travelers the most personalized experiences so they can explore the world in their own unique way.

The Amadeus Travel Platform is the backbone to our Live Travel Space – a place where the latest technologies and our partners come together to serve the evolving needs of all travelers.

Check out our new video about the Amadeus Travel Platform and find out more information about our Live Travel Space.

The Travelers heart assignment : Choose at least 3 of the following questions to reflect on. You may hand write your reflection. Please turn in through Blackboard.

•Describe some similarities and differences you discovered in your travels.

•How might this activity change your own responses to others?

•How would it feel to wear your heart on the outside of your shirt? Did you feel vulnerable?

•What notable differences did you experience when drawing your traveler’s heart and your Villager’s heart?

•What Defense Mechanisms did you notice you use?

•Were there sources of Shame, Comparison, Disengagement you noticed?

•What did you learn from this experience?

Exam 1: Description on file

Exam 2: This is Exam 2. Please follow the rubric I have provided in the exam to guide you as you are applying each theory. I am looking for you to be able to generally apply several aspects of each theory to ONLY 1 of the characters you have created. The Activity 3 you have been working on will not be turned in for a grade however you will use that activity to complete Exam 2.

I am working to finish the grading from the last exam. There are many of you and the assignment is long. I should complete my grading very soon. I am proud of the work you are all doing. It is clear to me many of you are understanding the material.

If you find yourself falling behind in this class please keep going, keep doing the work, and turn things in ASAP.

This is the part of the semester when students begin to fall behind. I put the heaviest amount of reading and work towards the first half of the class so the second half of the class can bee somewhat a bit lighter. This does not mean we will not be learning a great deal. So stick it out, You’ve GOT THIS!!!!

Exam 3: Description on file

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