What motivational theories and practices would you apply to assist the hospital staff?


Read the following case and reflect on how you would deal with the situation.

A research study was completed at a hospital in the UAE to help make reforms in the healthcare system. Researchers interviewed many employees.  The results revealed more than half of the doctors and nurses, two-thirds of other administrative staff and over one-third of supporting staff were dissatisfied with their work.

Researchers tried to determine why so many employees were dissatisfied. The study respondents cited 3 main reasons: 1) low salaries and lack of rewards/recognition, 2) problems in the working environment such as poor communication and ineffective hospital management, and 3) inadequate facilities for performing expected tasks. A significant number of workers reported that they had considered resigning from the hospital because of these reasons.

As a HR consultant, the hospital management has asked for your help and you must quickly find a solution.  Budgets are fixed for the current year.  Therefore salary increases are not an option.

Write a 1-2 page report detailing your solution.  Your solution should include discussion of the following:

  • What motivational theories and practices would you apply to assist the hospital staff? Explain your answer.
  • What programs would you implement to continue to motivate employees? Give details.

Include an introduction and conclusion to your assignment.

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