What lessons do you see from these events that serve mitigation and preparedness for future events?

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Two Paragraphs, APA Style with references from videos provided and the reading from the book.

Mitigation & Preparedness

The number one threat to natural disasters in South Florida belongs to hurricanes. The events depicted here were “focusing events” in how we thought about hurricanes – meaning, of such impact that we had to fundamentally rethink mitigation and preparedness…

Video Links:

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 (Links to an external site.)The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

Great Miami Hurricane: “Miami, The Magic City” 1926 Prelinger Archive (Links to an external site.)Great Miami Hurricane: "Miami, The Magic City" 1926 Prelinger Archive

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 Prelinger Archive

Okeechobee Hurricane.mov (Links to an external site.)Okeechobee Hurricane.mov

Okeechobee Hurricane 1928

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