What is the proper role of the government?

Topic: The Purpose of GovernmentA first term Senator has just been elected to US Senate. He has spent his entire career as a medical doctor. Given the significance of health related public policy issues, he ran for office and won his first election. There is one problem. Because of the Senators lack of experience in government and with policy issues, he has asked three staff persons to help him formulate his approach to government. He has asked his Chief of Staff, his Legislative Director, and one of his Legislative Assistants to help him. You have just been brought on to serve as one of his Legislative Assistants. Because of your expertise in public policy, you are the one LA he asks for assistance. He wants your insights, based on research from your course work and outside research that will help him formulate his approach to government. His rationale is that if he clarifies his vision of the governments role then he will be able to apply it to practical, real world issues. Specifically, the Senator is asking you to answer the following questions:What is the proper role of the government?
What are its central responsibilities?What are the limits to governmental power?

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