What is the prognosis in the future for a person with this disorder?

Order DescriptionNote: please do not summarize or review the book. Place more emphasis and analysis on the disorder. Connect the disorder with one research article on SchizophreniaI am focusing analysis of schizophrenia and how it connects with current treatments.please aIDress the following questions:What prompted you to select this book for your analysis ? And not why you love this book.How does current treatment of schizophrenia compare with the treatment received in the book?Describes specific treatment used in authors account.Identifies specific, current evidence based care/treatment for this disorder with rationale and in-text citations.What is the prognosis in the future for a person with this disorder?Speaks to current research about the likely course of the disease. Statistically, aIDresses what the long term recovery for an individual who presents with this disorder would be?What was the prognosis for the individual in your book?What did you get from the book that will help you in caring for persons with this mental health disorder?Provides at least 5 specific points from reading this book & your research that will enhance future care for an individual with this disorder.At least one research article and one other source required. Relevant to the topic and used to support inferences
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