What is enlightenment

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Download and answer the study questions I am providing you. Please do not simply quote from the video. Your responses should be in your own words. Please use complete sentences, not just notes. You should answer in 2-4 sentences per question.

What Was the Enlightenment?

Video by Paul Sargent

Answer in 2-4 complete sentences


1. In what century did the Enlightenment primarily occur?

2. Sargent in the beginning of the video cites the overall feeling among Enlightenment thinkers that the rules and laws they discovered in nature and science could be applied to what other concerns of the period? Why did these thinkers ask the question: “Why are things the way they are?”

3. A key characteristic of the Enlightenment that separates it from the past is the emphasis on “reason.” How does he explain “reason?” What were the goals thinkers had for the future based on the modern world’s use of reason? What did they want to try do with the ability to reason?

4.Sargent points out how the Enlightenment thinkers critiqued basic ideas about politics and religion. What did they say about both?

5. What do you think he means by “the natural rights of man, and how does he connect these concepts to two important documents created at the formation of the United States? What are they?

6. He describes the ideas of Sir Isaac Newton on the relationship between universe and religion? . What is it?

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