what is a good teacher

You will be asked to discuss the current state of public schools, in relevance to this issue, as well as provide multiple perspectives on this issue and what you foresee is the route that our state should take to address this issue. We are looking for you to present a multifaceted perspective on the topic supported by the sources presented in class, course readings, class discussions, as well as your own research. You need to cite all sources appropriately in APA style. 4-6 pages not including references.

This essay is basically answering three questions: What is a good teacher? What are the qualities of an effective teacher? Does an effective teacher look the same across different school contexts? Total of FIVE sources are needed, 2 from my class sources and 3 any outside sources. I’ve uploaded 2 sources from my class(Teaching to change the world by Jeanne Oaks, and Culturally Responsive Teaching byGeneva Gay).For Oaks I just chose few chapters from the book. I’ve also uploaded the format and rubric.

Thank you so much for saving my life!

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