What have ‘new public health and ‘ecological public health aIDed to our understanding of public health

QUESTION 1: What have ‘new public health’ and ‘ecological public health’ aIDed to our understanding of public health?

QUESTION 2: What is the importance of surveillance to population health and what are the major challenges with using data collected from surveillance?

QUESTION 3: Why are certain behavioural risk factors like smoking and unhealthy diet key focus areas for government prevention policies?

*Your grade will reflect your ability to think about the information learned to aIDress the topic. Do not take words or quote from other sources. Do not provide a reference list as you will not be citing from other sources. Any material taken directly from other sources will not be graded. Academic integrity is to be maintained in this assessment so make sure you use your own words and do not copy or paraphrase the work of others or from your own work in other units.

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