What ethical dilemmas exist with physician-assisted suicide laws?

Your terminally ill patient told you at her last visit that, since her pain could no longer be completely controlled by any means, and in her opinion she was just waiting to die, she was going to Holland to participate in their physician-assisted suicide program.

In a short essay of 250-300 words, answer the following questions:
1.What ethical dilemmas exist with physician-assisted suicide laws?
2.What would your advice to this patient be?
3.You know that patients with her terminal illness are going to Mexico for a new, but unproven treatment. Would you recommend this as an alternative to assisted suicide?

Consider these aIDitional questions, relating this case to euthanasia, living will, and prolonging life:
1.Should a doctor be able to end the life of those who are suffering and have no hope of recovery? Why or why not?
2.Can a living will be used to guide her end-of-life decisions? How?
3.How does the use of technology complicate the dying process?

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