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One must include mental health along with physical health to have a good workplace. Poor mental health practices can actually reduce the profits of a business. All levels from the highest to the lowest must exercise good mental health practices. Unfortunately there can be one right way to do this because businesses very so much in what they do and how they do things. However what things are done and how they are done play a very important role in mental health. Mental and physical health is not only a good idea to encourage profits in an organization but it is also the law. Many definitions of harassment now include the detriment of psychological health. In instances where mental health is not mentioned it is still implied. There are several issues in the workplace that affect ones mental health. An organization must that all these issues into account. To help prevent psychological damage one must take into account factors such as the health of the employee and the monetary bottom line of the company. One must also think about the way in which work is done and what the environment that works is done in. This can be done by concentrating on psychological programs, the organizational environment, leadership, workplace relations, if the employee is mentally ready for the job, opportunities for growth and development, and rewards for a job well done. Ergonomics improved the health of a business by improving the workforces comfort and productivity. Whether you currently have an ergonomics program in place, or are considering implementing one, you owe it to your workers and yourself to consult with our certified professionals concerning: Computer Ergonomics, Ergonomics Assessments / Evaluations, Ergonomic Training and Standards Compliance (cessi, 2014). Ergonomics can help ease the stress caused on the body and improve the environment of the workplace and increase long term health. A good ergonomics team provides: Ergonomic Audits and Evaluations, Biomechanical Assessments, Work Environment Intervention Programs, Ergonomic Educational Seminars, Employee Training & Support Services, Company Ergo Team Development(cessi, 2014). Ergonomics is the science of adapting the work process, and tailoring the work environment to meet the physical and psychological needs of people (cissi, 2014). A good ergonomics program and reduce injury while improving morale and productivity. Most people think of ergonomics as the study of work. A more accurate view though, is that ergonomics works to fit the job to the worker and not vice versa. Though adapting an employee’s workplace one can actually extend the employees ability to work and quality of life when they are not at work. Ergonomics draws on a number of scientific disciplines, including physiology, biomechanics, psychology, anthropometry, industrial hygiene, and kinesiology (cessi, 2014). In today’s business all organizations must have higher production rates and keep up with technology. This causes much stress on the body and ergonomics are here to help.

If you have a business and you are looking to expand and have another location for the company, there are few guidelines you can follow before making a decision.  First, figure out how you will pay for the location.  Does your company have money set aside to expand or relocate, or are you a new business who needs a bank loan in order to make this happen.  Some of the multi-million companies may have the money set aside for moving or expanding but most will probably need help from an investor or a bank.  Decide if you are going to live in the same city and state as the business and if so make sure you choose somewhere you want to live.  Every state has different laws regarding business, residential laws and taxes for both.  make sure it is somewhere you can afford and you will be able to abide by all of these factors.  Once you have decided on some selections of places you could live then you can narrow down the decision based on business needs.  Depending on the type of the business you want or have will help determine your location.  For example, if you have a retail store or restaurant you may want to be in a big city or in town somewhere so people will come tour your store.  most people will eat or shop at convenient locations that are surrounded by other stores or that are in town rather than driving to the outskirts of town.  If you have an industrial type of business it may be best if you live in a smaller more private town. This way you can provide good jobs for smaller towns that do not have a lot to choose from, plus you wouldn’t want a huge factory in the miIDle of town. Space is a factor because again depending in the type of business the amount of land and building space may vary.  If it is a big factory you may need a lot of land to build your factory on or find a vacant factory that you can buy that may need no or few repairs.  If you are looking to buy or rent a building instead of build this may limit your choice of locations.   Building would be an option but again this depends on how much of a budget you have for this. Once you have the actual location then you can go into the design how the decor will be, what office items needed or equipment for the business to run properly.  Different types of businesses of course will need different types of equipment and you can always buy new or rent whatever fits your budget.  After all of these is completed then you can work on advertisement so the town knows you are ready to hire and ready to get the business started.  Ergonomics is the process of changing the work environment (equipment, furniture, pace of work, etc.) to fit the physical requirements and limitations of employees, rather than forcing workers to adapt to jobs that can, over time, have a debilitating effect on their physical well-being. Companies of all shapes and sizes have increasingly recognized that establishing an ergonomically sensitive work environment for employees can produce bottom-line benefits in cutting absenteeism, reducing health care costs, and increasing productivity. The most progressive of these firms have careful analysis of the workplace environment and the tasks that their employees have to perform.  Steps are taken to modify the environment (whether in a shop floor or an office) to better fit the physical needs and abilities of workers.

In any business, a competitive edge keeps that company in the top bracket of sales and profits. This requires marketing strategy geared to the consumer in the form of on-line surveys. Those surveys will ask questions and offer consumers a space to offer suggestions of products or services they want or need. I know that I am always handed my purchase receipt from the clerk and am told that if I go on line to their website listed on the receipt and enter a code, that I am entered to win a (example) ‘$5,000 shopping spree’ from that store or restaurant. Our lives are filled with offers if we complete a survey nowadays. That business uses the marketing data to analyze consumers’ needs. If you want a marketing edge, you will want to know what the consumers’ needs are as well as demographics. Data and data analysts keep businesses on their toes trying to stay far ahead with this competitive advantage. One example I discovered was in the last assignment using a SWOT analysis of one auto industry, Ford. Analysts have informed them that the pendulum for smaller autos is about to be affected by the suIDen discovery of oil surpluses in the US. The consumer consensus will swing back to larger vehicles because the gas will be plentiful thus lowering gas prices. Further information eludes that fact. Keeping in tune with that trend, the US government is considering allowing sale of those oil products to sources outside of the US by rescinding former legislation that forbid such sales. If this is allowed, prices will remain high. In Russia, this is the case. In the pharmaceutical industry, having a competitive edge could mean offering a discount for transferring your medications to that pharmacy or offering online ordering of refills. I know my pharmacy has a phone-in for refills with prompts. I find this very convenient since I call in my refills late and they are ready when I pick them up. I keep late hours, so I may call the refill I at 2 am and can request pick up after 1 pm. They even phone me with a message that it is ready for pick up. They also offer vaccinations and even pet meds. I have even requested print- outs of the medications my son and I have ordered during the year for IRS records. They have this ready in a few days. Having a competitive edge is more important today that it was 25 years ago, due to technology and mass media. Consumers are constantly being engaged with ads and info- mercials introducing the latest of a variety of products and services. So having a competitive edge means your business is spotlighted as having the best, the latest, greatest, fastest, most economical, eco-friendly, trendy, with convenience and consumer-desired product. And if you are the tops in the industry, competitors will always follow close on your heels to develop a product similar to yours that costs less, is a different color or has an aIDed feature. So you have to keep ahead of that crowd by continually analyzing the market and the consumer to hold that competitive edge as a leader in your business.

In your own words, what is competitive advantage? Because this is my first hearing about competitive advantage, I do not know what competitive advantage is. Since I do not know what it means, I took the liberty to research the meaning. Competitive advantage is a superiority gained by an organization when it can provide the same value as its competitors but at a lower price or can charge higher prices by providing greater value through differentiation. My interpretation of what competitive advantage is when an organization provides the same service as its competitors at a cheaper price or higher prices for better services and products. (Competitive Advantage, 2014) It is very important to have competitive advantages because it keeps businesses abreast of what their competitors are doing. There are four parts to of the competitive advantage plan. The four parts are cost leadership, promotion of the business, continual assessment and image enhancement. The cost leadership is very difficult to sustain unless you can monopolize suppliers or have a proprietary technology (Worth, 2009) Promotion of the business helps promote the company’s products and services. Continual assessment is a requirement of competitive advantage management. Image enhancement is positioning products, checking the quality and marketing effectiveness. These three things also help put a company above the competitors. (Worth, 2009)&nbsp;Three examples of pharmaceutical industry sources of competitive advantages are labor costs, industrial policy and national scientific capacity. The labor costs is very important sources because it helps the growth in research and production. Market growth depends on the demands of the consumers for pharmaceutical products. National Scientific capacity is governmental and nonprofit expenditures on research. CITATION Com l 1033 <![endif]–> (Competitive Position of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry) &nbsp;There are three things why having some competitive advantage now vices twenty-five years ago. The three things are quality, price and innovation. Thirty years ago, quality varied tremendously among car makers. Today a high quality car is assumed. (Cohn, 2011) Prices of different products are going down or even disappearing because so many more products and services are being offered for free. But what most people do not realize is that you get what you pay for. So if you receive a product for free and it stops working in two days, you cannot be made because you get what you pay for. Innovation will most likely be going away any time soon because companies are trying to come up with better services and products over their competitors.

Effective marketing questions are important because it will allow you to find out what the customer is really looking for in your product. Effective questions help the manufacture understand the purchasing tendencies of the target consumer. The more time you spend creating and testing market research questions it will pay-off with you creating a product the consumer wants to buy. I believe writing effective research questions are important because it allows you to reach into the customer’s train of thought, with the right wording of questions you find if the customer will want your product, how much they will pay for it and how often they would use the product. AIDitionally, the right questions will give you a direction to go on product development. For example, if you ask a question if x product was available would you purchase it? If the consumers answered no, you than could ask a follow-up question, such as what changes to the product would you make to the product to make you want to purchase it. Define and segmenting your customer groups is necessary so can divide your target customs into distinctive groups to concrete your marketing and advertisement efforts. Segmentation is broken down into different elements. Behavior segmentation groups your customer base by purchasing tendencies and lifestyle, for example you may target your new clothing line through a magazine like CQ instead of a car magazine like Hot Rod. Benefit Segmentation relates to find customers that will buy your product for a benefit to them. For example a person buys a Rolex watch for the benefit if status and high quality. One of the most used segmentation types is demographics. Demographics are can be broken down into categories of age, life stage, race, and gender. Of course you can use this data to target products like dentures adhesive to older customer base. Geographic segmentation breaks down the customer’s base into location and region. You can target products like wood stoves to Northern States which would much more effective than tropical areas. AIDitionally, advertising in densely populated areas will be reaching more customers than rural areas. The last segmentation is psychographic is used to drill down to find very specific customer base possibly by social class and political views. You may use psychographic to target customers that buy organic foods or hybrid cars.When devolving research questions there are three simple rules. 1. Keep it short 2. Keep it simple and 3. Keep it relevant. Remembering this will keep your survey participants interested and engaged in your questioner.

Data Collection Effective marketing research questions are important because, Market research will help you better communicate to your current customers experiences are a valuable source of knowledge, not only will they allow you to measure how well you currently meet their needs and goals they can also tell you where you moving in the right direction and more importantly where you are getting things wrong. Also it will help you find opportunities if you roll out a new and productive service or product. The reason why it is very important to write down important questions is it would to be on point with the strategy that you want to come across your target area or market. For instance, it would be very important as a market specialist to interface with the sales and customer service management, to find out the latest product line as well as the customer trends that would motivate the market for more sales within the company. The two justifications of why this research is important, 1- To determine that you are in the right market to penetrate. It would be a waste of time to put time and effort into a project that you you would get zero results. The total concept is to work the plan and plan to work. Marketing in the general sense is being persistent ,in all avenues, rather it be surveys, social media, cold calling online blogging , by any means necessary , the company that get their message out in the field the most will have the edge up on the competition. The next point of concern would be to insure you break your segment down into the areas that will sure assure positive results. The demographics will be very important analyze, for a certain culture you would want to study up on to learn the customs of that community to make a program for their needs and desires. If it’s a survey that would be develop you would want to tailor questions to their lifestyles. Also to have blogs to interact with customer and non-customers alike, to a better understanding for of needs of the product or service. Defining segments are very important, due to the fact that you wouldn’t want to cross information into a target area. It is always essential to gather the Facts, evidence, benefit and agreement to ensure that the research will be beneficial to all parties concern. Emory Faucette Ref;&nbsp;http://www.businesstoolchest.com/articles/data/20050728010724.shtml

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