what choices do healthcare professional make to pursue postgraduate study?

what choices do healthcare professional make to pursue postgraduate study?Order Descriptionmini qualitative study.1. Introduction. A concise account of the background to and rationale for the research, drawing on relevant literature to show why your study is important and how itrelates to existing research in the field.2. Aims. Your research question(s) or aims and objectives.3. Method. This section should contain sub sections as follows: Methodological approach. Discussion of your methodological approach with reference to the researchmethods literature. You need to explain and justify your chosen approach and briefly outline the theoretical and epistemological underpinning of this approach.Participants. Who took part in the study? Procedure. What were the steps taken in conducting the study? How was the study carried out? Ethical considerations. A briefaccount of the ethical issues that emerged in the course of the study and how they were aIDressed. Analysis. How were the data analysed? You should also show anawareness of the limitations of the methodology and design of the study.4. Results. An in-depth analysis of some of the data focusing on two or three key themes. It is not necessary to analyse all of the transcripts in depth. You maychoose to select parts of the transcripts relevant to your chosen research question/aims and objectives, and/or a sub sample of the transcripts in order to enable youto undertake a detailed, in-depth analysis. You should devote the most space to this section. You should illustrate your presentation of results with short excerptsfrom the interview transcripts.5. Discussion and Conclusions. Summarise the results of the study and discuss what was found in the context of the literature. Return to the studies discussed in theintroduction. In the conclusion draw out the implications of the findings for the stakeholders, including policy and/or practice implications. Include recommendationsfor future research in the light of the findings.6. Appendix. An appendix with an example of your approach to data analysis must be included (e.g. a coded interview together with codes used).7. References. Must be in the required style

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