watch the video and answer with two paragraphs

Please watch the 2 minute video and answer the two questions

The video:

  1. What additional techniques could we use to improve our design process? Why?
  2. Who could we add to our Collaborative Design Group to enhance our project? Why?

That’s an example just in case, but it has to be different from it


  1. A marketer could enhance our Collaborative Design Group project. A marketer would have been helpful because HandsOn Greater Phoenix helps connect volunteers to volunteer opportunities. A marketer could devise a way to network the organization better aiding in our selected UN Sustainable Development Goal of Partnerships for the goals. In the What is the Environment lecture notes, they explain how a community, “support one another in their daily lives”.
  2. An additional technique we could use in our design process would be evaluation. Evaluation is important because it shows how well the design implemented has done. In the What is the Environment lecture notes, it asserted human adaptation, “ made humans the most successful species on the planet”. We have adapted to evaluate our solutions made to always be innovating and improving.

Example 2

  1. Adding a graphic designer would enhance our Collaborative Design Project. This would be very helpful in the design process because a majority of what the non-profit, HandsOn Greater Phoenix, needed was a new logo. Having someone with experience with the software needed to create and design a logo would be very beneficial, as they could provide insight. As stated in What Is Design Lecture notes, “There are no childhood geniuses in design”. Having a visually appealing, yet informative logo will help the organization grow and be more recognizable. This would help them better achieve our selected UN Sustainable Development Goal: Partnerships for the goals as they can expand and help more non-profits.
  2. Adding an additional Refining stage into our design process would have been beneficial in our design process. A second refining stage would give us a better understand what our Non-profit liked and didn’t like about our designs. This would have helped us create a better and more clear outline of what we needed to convey in the logo. As stated in The Design Process notes, “IDEO always goes far beyond the point where others stopped satisfied.”

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