watch a movie from the list below write a detailed analysis of how religion is impacting the women in the movie

You may watch a movie from the list below OR if you know of another, clear it with me first and write a detailed analysis of how religion is impacting the women in the movie. (Questions you should ask yourself: Where is the movie set and what culture is it from? How is religions portrayed in the movie in relation to the women characters? What examples from ANY of the class readings can you relate to the movie and its characters? (Use at least 3 examples from the many we read in class AND you should also refer to “roles” or something from the intro powerpoint in how the women’s lives are impacted. Look at conflicts, cooperation, understanding and biases in the plots.

FOR EXAMPLE: Babette’s Feast is about a woman who is a phenomenal cook, moves into a very conservative Danish Protestant town where any bodily pleasure is seen as sinful. So, extravagant meals are seen as decadent, lol. Reminds me of a Like Water for Chocolate. The Puritanical Protestantism is suspicious of all things physically enjoyable and it leads to some members of the community seeing the woman as sinful, rather than their interpretation as the source of “evil.” I like to use the example that the body was not the sin as God put the first couple naked in the garden. The sin was in the mind once they gained the knowledge of evil. Ergo, it is the mind and its evil that makes what was beautiful a sin. And then I could use the myth of Bambara, or anything about temptresses. Hopefully you’ll watch what you pick with a theme in mind, which will make it easier to watch for certain aspects in the movie. This is where your notes using tables to break down the components of each myth or information will help make writing easy.

ESSAY instructions:
Your essays are what can be called a microtheme, which is a short, rigorously argued essay. Depending upon the assignment, a microtheme asks you to summarize arguments, organize evidence, compare texts/claims, state a thesis, support a thesis, and develop a critical perspective on an issue or text in a very condensed format.

Each microtheme must:
•be typed, with single-spaced paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs.
•be no LESS than 700 words (equivalent of 3 double-spaced typed pages).
•follow the directions given in the prompt.

Movies and Media for Women & Religion (revised 2/1/2017)
DVD/Netflix: only on DVD NETFLIX: streaming on Netflix *: Professor’s copy


Antonia’s Line (Dutch, feminism) matriarch holds sway over several generations of women – DVD Netflix

Babette’s Feast (Danish/Protestant) – DVD Netflix

Bless Me, Ultima (New Mexico, boy and his cunandera grandmother) – DVD Netflix

Not W/out my Daughter ( Betty Mahmoody) *

There is also a 6 part documentary about the father, Seyyed Bozong Mahmoody , on You Tube.

Water (Indian widows’ home) – NETFLIX

The Stoning of Soraya M (Small town Iran, based on true story) – DVD Netflix *

Rosenstrasse (WWII German women protest to save their Jewish husbands) – DVD Netflix *

Like Water for Chocolate (Mexican family, food) – DVD Netflix

Frida (Frida Kahlo, atheist) – NETFLIX

Mustang (Turkish/French, 5 sisters in remote Turkish village) NETFLIX

The Magdelene Sisters (Irish Catholic asylum for “fallen” women in 60s)-DVD Netflix

Joy Luck Club (Chinese in America)

Mulan (Disney version) DVD Netflix OR Chinese movie Mulan: Legendary Warrior – DVD Netflix

(Hua Mulan, if you prefer to read the ancient Chinese legend)

Sworn Virgin (Albanian woman who lives as a man) NETFLIX

Desert Dancer (Iranian dancers) NETFLIX

Sandstorm (Bedouin polygamy and female independence) – NETFLIX

Sleepy Hollow (1999 movie with witches) – DVD Netflix

The Witch (2015 witch movie) DVD Netflix

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)*

The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) DVD Netflix

Whalerider (2003) DVD Netflix* The Eagle Huntress (2016) DVD Netflix

The Letters (2015 biopic of Mother Teresa using her correspondence to her advisor) NETFLIX

The Scarlet Letter (there are several versions, except the one with Demi Moore) DVD Netflix

Veer-Zaara (2004 Indian Hindu and Muslim love story) DVD Netflix

My Name is Khan (2010 American Muslim/Hindu couple which 9/11 separates) DVD Netflix

Julie (1979 and 2005 movies are about an Indian Christian girl, Hindu man and unwanted pregnancy) DVD Netflix

Amira & Sam (2014 Catholic American vet and Muslim American woman fall in love) DVD Netflix

Lemon Tree (2008 movie about a Palestinian widow fighting to save her farm in the disputed area of Israel) DVD Netflix

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (1994 Ang Lee movie about a Taiwanese widower and his 3 daughters) DVD Netflix

David & Layla (2008 US movie about Jewish man, Muslim refugee woman RomCom based on real story) DVD Netflix


Little Mosque (Canadian sit-com) HULU The Vicar of Dibley (BBC show) NETFLIX


4 on this link:…

“I WASN’T ALWAYS DRESSED LIKE THIS” “ME AND THE MOSQUE” “OUTLAWED IN PAKISTAN” “HIP HOP HIJABIS” The 4th movie “The Square” is also good if you are interested, but focuses primarily on the men during the protests in Cairo square against the government during the recent Egyptian revolution.

“OUR TIMES” Iranian 2002 elections and women-DVD Netflix

“INDIA’S DAUGHTER” Deadly rape in India causes widespread protests-NETFLIX

“DANCING IN JAFFA” 2013 A ballroom dance instructor teaches competitive dancing in Israel to Palestinians and Jews, contending with both the conflict between the 2 religions AND conservative gender ideas about men and women socializing. DVD Netflix

“EAGLE HUNTRESS” 2016 documentary of a father who breaks tribal norms and teaches his daughter to hunt with a trained eagle. DVD Netflix

“BREADWINNER” 2017 animated film about a young girl who, after her father’s arrest by the Taliban, cuts her hair so she can work and help feed her family, while looking for her father as well. DVD Netflix

“HE NAMED ME MALALA” 2015 documentary about the young Pakistani girl who survived being shot by the Taliban on her way to school. She has spoken publically for girls’ education and even addressed the UN. DVD Netflix.

ALSO: single mom movies, women as heroes (Hunger Games, Divergent, Kill Bill, Wonder Woman BUT clear with me first)


Ararat (fiction, Armenian genocide)

Artemesia (fiction, Gentileschi 17th c painter)

The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (documentary, Columbian presidential candidate)

Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change (documentary, Catholic nuns in Selma fighting for civil rights in the 60s)

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