W hat type of Culture is Being Created by the New Orleans Saints?

 players fees to target opponents for injury.” The bounty program was spearheaded by the Saints former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who was suspended from the NFL in March 2012. Williams used the bounty program when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009, and there is speculation that he may have used it while working for his previous employer, the Washington Redskins. Here is how the program works. 

The Saints kept a pool of cash and offered payments “of up to $1,500 for knocking players out of the game.” The goal of the program was to motivate players to purposely hurt or injure their opponents, thus providing competitive advantage on the field. Some players say that this type of thing happens all the time and it’s just part of the game. Others think that this practice creates a negative culture that can undermine the integrity of the sport. How do you feel about the issue?

SOLVING THE DILEMMA:Assume that you are the commissioner of the NFL and that you have the power to punish the Saints and Gregg Williams. What would you do?

Games should be played with a free and fair spirit. Trying to manipulatethe outcome of the game through the use of wrong means is not in thespirit of the game. The New Orleans Saints is creating…

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