Video Analysis of The Myth of Average

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A video analysis and reflection is your take on a video. You are to critique the content of the video and make connections between the video, readings and discussions. Please write your reflection and critique in essay style making sure to support your ideas with evidence from the text, discussions, outside readings or other videos. Some questions that you might want to consider in your analysis:

  • Was the video a realistic representation of persons with disabilities? How do you know? If not, what made it unrealistic?
  • How does the content of the video resonate with your own experiences regarding people with disabilities? Is it similar, dissimilar and how so?
  • How does the information in this video support, contradict or add to the information you read in your text?
  • How does what you saw and heard in the video compare to your beliefs about people with disabilities?
  • What is the one thing that stood out for you in this video and why?

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