Use the globalEDGE website and compare the country you have chosen

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Use the globalEDGE website in the first module on Canvas resources( and compare the country you have chosen for your country study to the U.S. Follow these steps:

  • Pick the country from the “Country Comparator” tab. Use the most recent data available.
  • Pick ONE field from the list (infrastructure, labor, people, government, education, etc.). Do not use simple categories, such as population, use a category that gives you useful information about the country’s condition.
  • Select the United States and at nine other countries (total of ten) to compare your results with.
  • Take a screenshot of the table.
  • Write a short paper about your findings and draw any conclusions. Make sure to insert the screenshot in your paper. Use your OWN words as always.
  • Upload a PDF or MS Word file. NO other formats will be accepted.
  • I chosen Bolivia

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