Unit Title Maternal Child and Youth Health Topic Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Australias Adolescent Population (by using 10 different sources as uploaded and some others)

Topic: Unit Title: Maternal, Child and Youth Health. Topic: Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Australia’s Adolescent Population (by using 10 different sources as uploaded and some others).

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Choose a health issue for a defined group of people and undertake a review of the current literature relevant to a defined health issue that affects the group in Australia.
All ready and my chosen group of people is (Youth aged 13 to 18 years). My chosen health issue that affects my group is (Drug and alcohol misuse). Please be advised that this is a postgraduate major assignment which worth 100 marks so I hope this order will be given to an excellent writer in this field. Moreover, I really would like my order to be with a writer who is specialist in public health. Please see the documents for all the instructions needed (there are 25 different files). There are 3 different word files (one is an overview about the unit and the second one is my old task or my old work which is an essay and the last one is my plan which you need to continue to build it). Kindly do NOT use/copy any of my old work but of course you can take some ideas. The pdf files number 2 & 3 is for better understanding about the task and the pdf files from number 6 to 15 for better understanding about the unit modules which that cover the modules from 1 – 9. The rest pdf files from number 16 – 25 are the 10 articles which you have to use. It is important to see all the documents for better understanding about the topic before start writing. In general, I really need a good intensive work with a high level of quality in this order so please make it; Precise and concise style (no spare paIDing). I need about 1200 words excluding tables, graphs or other diagrams and this also be excluding the in & end-text references. Please make sure to use the correct APA reference style with full details as required for this task such as page numbers, doi …..etc.

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