unit iii discussion board question quot the drug debate quot

According to Wade and Tavris, drug abuse can have devastating consequences in our society; however, disagreements exist for classifications of certain drugs. In fact, many states in the United States, along with the District of Columbia, have approved medicinal marijuana. Further, residents in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington have legalized the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes in populations 21 and over. On the flip side of this controversial coin, the remaining states in America have various laws that punish pot usage; these consequences can be as slight as a few years in prison or as severe as a felony conviction. Consequently, in some states, individuals convicted of possession can no longer receive governmental assistance such as welfare or food stamps; even convicted murderers and rapists still have access to these resources. What are your thoughts? How should we view marijuana usage? Does chronic use of this substance really create behavioral issues? Does creating harsh punishments solve the issue?

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