unit 8 health activity


Being the Change

Did you know that there are organizations that offer funding specifically for teens who want to make their communities better? For this activity, you will think about the barriers to good health in your community and what you and like-minded people in your community might do to address these problems.

For this assignment, you can either design a community service project of your own or work with an existing organization to create a project that benefits that organization. You can choose any category of health, including diet, exercise, access to health care, or aspects of mental health. If you design your own project, you need to describe how it promotes health in your community. If your project is going to benefit an existing organization, you need to explain how your contribution will be used by the organization to promote health in the community.

Write a brief proposal that covers the following points:

  • What the health issue that your project addresses is
  • Why this health issue is a particular concern in your community
  • A description of the project
  • How your project addresses this problem
  • Resources that your project requires (including people to help you complete it)
  • How to engage those around you in your project (bringing the project to a school or service organization, as Katie Stagliano did, or taking it to youth in the community as David Shepard and Travis Price did)
  • Any grants for teens designed to support community service projects and how they would apply to your efforts—If there is not a grant that would help with your specific project, describe a grant that would help in a similar project or that would work for yours if not for certain limitations. For example: Some grants are local, so if you find one that would be good but is for teens in a different state, it would be an appropriate example. Search online for these kinds of opportunities by using such search terms as “community service,” “grants,” and “teen.”

Your proposal should be two to three pages, double spaced, and cover all of the points described. Be sure that it is written in organized paragraphs.

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