unit 6 health activty


Modeling Good Communication

For this activity, you can either create a video or write a dialogue. Create a scene with some kind of conflict. It can be as simple as a disagreement among friends or a mistake with a meal ordered in a restaurant. Or choose your own scenario. Create two versions of the scenario, one using the techniques for good communication, such as assertive communication and I messaging, and another with less productive styles, like aggressive communication or passive communication. When you have completed both versions of the scene, explain how good communication can benefit health and poor communication can negatively impact it. You can do this in a brief monologue at the end of the video or a paragraph at the end of the written dialogue.

If you create a video, make sure that the video and audio portions are clear. If you write out your script, make sure it’s free of grammatical errors. It should be formatted like a play so that it’s clear who is speaking.

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