unit 3 health policy

Assignment Purpose: Health care leaders need to understand the basic tenets of important health care legislation like the ACA. Health care managers must be able to articulate what the important elements are for this legislation and how each provision will affect the people they serve.

Assignment Directions: Examine the Affordable Care Act provisions from the government website and from the Kaiser.edu website in the readings. Watch the Films on Demand choices for the week.

Pick one of the provisions for the Accountable Care Act. (Provisions include the elimination of health plan caps; elimination of the pre-existing illness clause to access health plan coverage; the ability to cover young adults up to the age of 26 on a parental health plan; reducing health care fraud, etc. There are many choices!)

Design a fact sheet or brochure of at least one page that discusses the need for this specific provision and how this provision now helps people seeking health care services.

See the Resources folder for examples of fact sheets and possible templates to use for your own assignment.

Feel free to use a brochure template, color, and clip art with your fact sheet. Be sure to include the actual provision. Discuss why the provision was needed. Determine what effect this provision has had on individuals and on health care organizations.

Create this fact sheet/brochure for an audience that is just starting to understand the ACA. You are trying to create an educational fact sheet that will provide the information needed for this audience. Include a reference in APA format.

This assignment is due on Sunday. This fact sheet is worth 100 points.

This Key Assessment Assignment will evaluate Course Learning Objective 3: Identify stakeholder in policy making. (Blooms Lv 1) (po 6)

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