unit 1 health activity

For this assignment, I live in Los Angeles, California. The presentation can be a powerpoint or essay if you could attach photos.


Health in the World

The unit provided the definitions of health used by the World Health Organization, just one organization dedicated to promoting health. Most communities in the United States are also concerned about promoting health. This might be done through programs to give low-income families access to healthy food or community activities, such as 5K runs or softball leagues, which promote exercise. Health can also mean making sure that basic needs are met. For example: A community might offer to help people pay for utilities, like heat, or provide cooling centers where the elderly can spend hot days in the comfort of air conditioning. Health can also be about building healthy communities, so programs that encourage recycling or disposing hazardous materials safely would also be promoting health.

See what your city or county is doing to promote health. The information you need can be found on the county or city website. If you live in a small town, you can use the website of the closest large city.

When you have reviewed the websites, create a presentation detailing five things that you found that the city or county is doing to promote health. For each means of promoting health that you find, write a brief description of the program, activity, or service. Then explain why it addresses the health of individuals or the community. Also, think about whether the health initiatives in your town are specific to your environment or would be found in any city. For example: Services related to driving in the snow are not likely to be found in Florida. If there is a free clinic to get children shots before they enter kindergarten, that would benefit any community.

Your response should have a brief paragraph for each of the ways of promoting health in your community. Based on the service provided, what are the health concerns in your community? Write a brief paragraph analyzing what these services reveal about your community.

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