understanding systems

1. Identify three possible systems of interest from the General Hospital case study. For each system identified describe the system components input/output, transformation, feedback, boundary, environment, hierarchy.
(24 marks)
2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your three system definitions.
(9 marks)
3. For each system of interest identified in question 1 produce a CATWOE and a Root Definition.
(12 marks)
4. Identify the possible stakeholders and stakeholder groups for the hospital. For each stakeholder/stakeholder group identify state their possible perspective.
(15 marks)
5. Discuss the role models play in a systemic analysis.
(10 marks)
6. Discuss the potential weaknesses of using models in a systemic analysis.
(10 marks)
7. To produce an effective analysis of a situation the use of soft systems approach is more effective than a hard systems approach. Discuss this statement.
(20 marks)

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