UK Software Metrics Association

UK Software Metrics Association

You are required to visit either the UK Software Metrics Association (UKSMA, or CCCU Accessibility Research website ( and then perform the following tasks:
(i) Evaluate the website using a heuristic evaluation. Use any six criteria of your choice, one of which must be fitness for purpose. Explain with the support of research evidence why you believe the criteria to be important. [15 marks]
(ii) Draw a state transition diagram or a use case diagram to illustrate the current structure. When doing this, note, the UKSMA website also includes an administration area that is only accessible by members of the UKMSA board. [10 marks]
(iii) Create a folder for the website and use it to store changes to the website as follows:
a. Create a new home page aIDing your own look and feel. [4 marks]
b. Change one of the pages so that it is populated by data either from a text file or an xml file. [6 marks]
c. Create a suitable form in line with the purposes of the website. [4 marks]
d. Ensure that the pages include at least two Web 2.0 technologies. [4 marks]
You do not need to publish the changes. You just need to zip up the folder and submit it as explained in the submission guidelines overleaf.
(iv) Briefly explain your implementation choices and techniques. When doing this also make reference to how your choices were influenced by the findings of the heuristic evaluation. [6 marks]
(v) Use a GOMS approach to evaluate the three pages. Ensure that the results include comments on aesthetic appeal, motor complexity (e.g. number of clicks and other issues relating to index of difficulty) and cognitive complexity (e.g. time taken, error rate, readability…) [10 marks]
(vi) Produce a list of recommended changes including any further web 2.0 technologies or links to social media. [10 marks]
(vii) Produce a table showing expected costs for publishing and maintaining the website. Ensure that your cost analysis is based on real costs. [5 marks]
(viii) Produce a risk assessment table showing at least six contingencies that you would recommend for the website. Also make sure recommendations include probability of risk, likely impact and an amelioration plan including likely costs. [6 marks]

Report writing: Marks will also be assigned for report writing to include: application of theory, analysis skills, use of minimalist techniques, writing style including use of passive voice, flow, formatting, paragraph and page numbering, referencing, table of contents, spelling and grammar. [10 marks]
Web design: Marks will also be allocated for physical structure and design flare including meaningful folder and document names; creative design; reduction of maintenance payload by use of styles and includes; use of bookmarks; use of images and multimedia; accessibility, attention to motor complexity and cognitive complexity. [10 marks]

Please see the next page for submission guidelines which you must read carefully to ensure that your assignment meets the required standard.
Submission guidelines
This assignment is 3000 words equivalent. The website is 1000 words equivalent which means the report is approximately 2000 words. Create a zipped file containing your report and website and upload the zipped file via eBusiness CLIC RESIT tab |ResitWebPrac&Report by the submission deadline indicated above.

You are reminded that a large part of this assignment is designed to test your ability to work to a requirement specification as one would do in industry. It is for this reason that the brief is so prescriptive.

(i) When writing your report, save it as eburesit1213report-YourName.doc(x)

Ensure that the report includes the standard Business School front page available on the undergraduate admin CLIC.
The name and code of this course is eBusiness [MBUMD2EBU]
The assignment number and name is Assignment Two [Website Practical and Report] – RESIT
The tutor’s name is Dr Kristina Masuwa-Morgan

Ensure that each page is also numbered in the footer and the footer also includes your name and student id.

The report must only contain the items listed in the assignment brief. The headings must be numbered using the style 12, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.2…

The report must be written in passive voice in order to ensure a business like tone.

You are advised to try out the report writing seminar exercise for tips on how to structure your report.

(ii) When creating the website ensure that it is stored in a folder called eBu1213resit-YournameYourwebsiteName.

You will not gain extra credit for having loads and loads of pages. To maximize marks you must use the assignment brief as a checklist and only submit the pages specified in the implementation requirements.
Please do not place any information in appendices. All diagrams must be inserted in the main body of the report and must be assigned a caption.
There is no need to print the web pages as these can be viewed online.
Your reference list must include an indication of when you first visited the website you have chosen and when you last visited it.

(iii) When you create the zip file containing the report and website, label the zip file as eBu1213resit-Yourname.
(i) The correct labelling is essential to ensure that when your work is downloaded en masse it can be identified.
(ii) Students who do best at this type of assignment are those that use the techniques recommended in the module which are intended to help minimise expression.
(iii) You may adapt the pages and other outputs you have created in your class exercises but where you have done this you must acknowledge the fact. The exercises in fact cover everything that is required in this assessment as part of the apprenticeship model. You must however, modify the pages where applicable to ensure that they reflect your chosen case study.
(iv) Please ensure that you backup your work every day. We do not accept excuses to the effect that work has been lost. In the event of you losing your work you should be able to go back to the backup copy.


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