typed abstract of final presentation due in class must include health care outcome or disease to be studied and the 2 countries you will compare

this is information about the presentation (you dont have to do this part, read it to give you an idea of what you need to do )

1- The distribution of the disease by racial and economic characteristics in their 2 countries of choice. (same region )

2. Any global health organizations that are currently addressing the issue in the 2 countries

3. One original figure that compares the two countries experience of the disease.

4. A brief summary of the differences and similarities between the 2 countries experiences with the disease, and a hypothesis as to why those differences (or similarities) might exist.

This is what you have to answer ::

Typed abstract of Final Presentation due in class. Must include health care outcome or disease to be studied, and the 2 countries you will compare.

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