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1. Surf the web and find an article on the EU (Economic Union). The article must be current (within the last month). EU is especially facing challenges for the economic, political and cultural integration within and outside of EU considering its geographical proximity to many developing nations in the Middle East and African continent as well as the recent Brexit from EU.

Write a one-half page overview of what you learned. Incorporate in your discussion if EU has any economic / political/cultural impact on your company. Send the article as a hyperlink. Type your response in the comments box.

2. According to the text, developing economies hinder the growth of entrepreneurial firms by requiring many regulatory procedures and costs. At the same time, these developing economies represent a rapidly growing consumer base. What arguments would you make to the leaders of these developing economies for removing obstacles to entrepreneurs? What specific changes would you recommend to make their country more encouraging towards entrepreneurs? How would you explain to them that the development of entrepreneurship benefits not just the entrepreneur, but the economy and society as a whole?(A paragraph, about 200-250)

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