Trust Case

1. The study lists six fundamental forms that communicate trustworthiness of an Internet store.
a. Explain what navigation means in this study. What are the three components of navigation and their respective meaning? (5%).
b. Explain what presentation means in this study. What are the three components of presentation and their respective meaning? (5%).
c. Explain what technology means in this study. What are the two components of technology and their respective meaning? (5%).
d. Explain what fulfillment means and what the five components of fulfillment are according to the eCommerce Trust Study above (5%).
2. According to the study, assuming that people are familiar with Web-based security brands (seals of approval), what are top three “security brand” seals of approval in terms of effectiveness in increasing consumer trust? (5%)
3. Visit ( and ( Assess regarding each of the five components of the fulfillment as stronger, similar, or weaker level when compared to Your mark will be based on your justification and evidence you provide. No mark will be given if no evidence is provided. Use a table format (e.g. the examples of columns include a component, your assessment of in comparison to, and reasons of your assessment) to answer these questions (Within a table, you many use single line spacing). (25%)
4. Identify problems in’s checkout process and provide some suggestions to reduce shopping-cart-abandonment phenomena in

Read the following articles and answer the question 5 to 12 based on this report (5% for each question).

5. How many minutes an Internet user read online news papers per week?
6. What are four primary reasons for the rapid decline of printed newspapers?
7. Based on Cole’ comments, explain a bright side or opportunity to newspapers for their existence.
8. What are the reasons for people not being online?
9. Compare the privacy concerns among Non-users, Light Users, and Heavy Users. Who showed the highest concerns on privacy of information? Who showed the lowest concerns on privacy of information?
10. When we compare Internet users with non-Internet users, which group between these two spends more time in clubs or volunteer organizations?
11. How many hours per week light users use Internet? How many hours per week heavy users use Internet?
12. The percentage of users who start their online access with a portal such as Yahoo, MSN, or America Online decreases. Is this statement true or false?

Visit Peter Buckland Gallery ( and answer the following questions
13. What 7Cs elements are missing in this website? (5%)


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