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CJA302 Criminal Justice Systems

Discussion 1

Diversity of Law Enforcement Agencies

There are so many different types of law enforcement agencies in the United States.

What problems, if any, do you think are created by such a diversity of agencies? Also, identify at least one significant federal agency and describe its responsibilities.

Discussion 2

Relationship Between Private Security and Public Policing

What is the relationship between private security and public policing in America today? How might the nature of that relationship be expected to change over time? Why?

Discussion 3

Juvenile Justice Systems

There have been a number of highly publicized crimes involving juveniles, including several school shootings.

In this module we are looking at juvenile justice systems.

Are our juvenile correctional systems effective? In your opinion should juveniles continue to receive what many regard as preferential treatment from the courts? Why or why not?

Discussion 4

Public and Private Aspects of Trial

The state court systems have experienced an increase of high profile criminal trials being conducted in public view with advancements in technology and social media.

Do you think that publically televised trials are hurting or enhancing the reputation of the United States courts systems? What are pros and cons of a defendant having a private attorney versus public counsel?

Discussion 5


Over the time of this course, we have taken a closer look at Criminal Justice Systems.

What new thing that you learned has been most surprising to you.

How has what you have learned influenced your interest in Criminal Justice?

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