Trends in Human Resources in Healthcare

Trends in Human Resources in Healthcare
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For the past 10 years, Methodist Hospital Health System (MHHS) celebrated the fact that 60% of its new hires in management positions were women and minorities. The MHHS leadership assumed that with such a practice, women and minorities would eventually represent at least 50% of their top management executives (vice president level and above). But then something unexpected happened. A few years ago, MHHS became concerned that its diversity program was not producing results. Instead of seeing an increase in the number of women and minorities in executive positions, the organization was observing a decline. Talented female and minority managers were leaving, draining the pool of capable and qualified staff.

To address this problem, MHHS founded the Task Force on Retention and Advancement of Women and Minorities in Executive Positions (TFRA). This task force aimed to pinpoint the reasons why female and minority executives were leaving by conducting a massive information-gathering initiative, which included interviewing female and minorities at all levels, as well as former employees. The team uncovered these main areas of concern:

Limited opportunity for advancement
Lack of mentoring, coaching, and networking
Existing work and family issues
Lack of succession planning
Lack of positive culture and transparent communication about promotion and professional development
Lack of relevant and effective training, job development, and employee empowerment opportunities
Cultural bias toward women and minorities, and an “old boy” network system
Organizational resistance to embrace diversity
Uncompetitive salary and benefits
In response to these findings, MHHS must retool the workplace.


You are the CEO of MHHS and have been asked to present a plan to the Board of Directors for retooling the workplace to meet the goals of a women- and minority-friendly employer, and to have women and minorities eventually represent 50% of the top management.

Your presentation must address strategies in the following areas:
-Recruitment, selection, and retention
-Performance management
-Technology and innovation
-Change management
-Another area of healthcare management of your choosing

Be innovative; think creatively.
Your submission must be 13-15 pages in length. A table of contents should be included.

Incorporate 20 credible and current references. Ten of these must be peer-reviewed articles.

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