Treatment planning Fracture at the head of the humerusProvide a copy of the case study and copies of your journal article with the paper

  • Treatment planning: Fracture at the head of the humerus: 1.) Read your case study and research the diagnosis.

2.)Write a 3 page paper, introduction including for example the clients history, you could make up a name and a little story how she was injured,( occupational profile), present conditions, the etiology of this condition, Occupational therapy, physical therapy and medical interventions typically used to Treat this problem and any safety precautions. You must use at least 2 journal articles that

Provide OT evidence based research for treatment interventions used.

3.) Provide a copy of the case study and copies of your journal article with the paper.

Case study: patient is a 73-year-old female who had a fracture at the head humerus. MD sent her to occupational therapy after 5 weeks of immobilization. Occupational therapy evaluate PROM

(passive range of motion)only flexion 20 degree, abduction 25 degrees, external rotation 0, internal rotation 0, elbow AROM  (active range of motion)is 40-110 degree and hand is swollen and pt. has about 50 percent of normal movement in digits. Patient reports pain is consistently 3/10 at rest and it was 8/10 during PROM. Patient is very “young” for 73, plays golf and shuffleboard with her husband and friends and she is determined to get back to that

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